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Batu Caves Entrance in Infrared

Batu Caves Entrance in Infrared
Batu Caves, Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia

The photo below shows the entrance to the Batu Caves with the towering statue of Murugan (said to be the world's tallest according to Wikipedia) beside the entrance. Visitors to the cave will have to go up 272 steps to visit the insides which shows various Hindu shrines. If you plan to visit the site be sure to watch out for kleptomaniac monkeys that are known to grab food, bags, and other stuff from unsuspecting tourists.

Taken using a Sony DSC-V1 set on night shot mode with a Hoya R72 and Polaroid Variable Range ND filters.

The Hindu festival of Thaipusam is celebrated chiefly in Batu Caves in Malaysia. I have not had the pleasure of witnessing the festival in person (the recent one was on Sunday 27th January 2013) but I'm sure it is very interesting.

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